Assignment One-The Bay Game

Name: Arianna Filipour    UVA Email:

Course Instructor: William Sherman TA (If applicable): Ben Hartigan

Please mark the appropriate sentence that describes your experience with the UVA Bay Game.

________ I have played the UVA Bay Game before.  Number of times_______________

____X___ I have NOT played the UVA Bay Game before.

Please respond to the following questions as completely as your current knowledge of the subject allows.

1. List the variables and concepts that you think are part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed system (You can list as many as you would like. Use additional space if needed).

  • Pollution
  • Run-off
  • Fish, crabs, oysters, other animals
  • Birds
  • Fishing boats
  • Water quality
  • Tourists-boats
  • Plants
  • Introduction of new animal and plant species
  • Weather
  • Temperature

2. Describe the relationship and interaction between these variables. Be specific. For example, if you state that A influences B, indicate the direction and nature of the influence (i.e., A transforms B in this way, A increases/decreases B, etc.).

When it rains run-off is created as water runs off of impermeable surfaces, carrying contaminates that have been sitting on these surfaces, into the bay. This increases the pollution level in the bay which is already increased by engine exhaust created by the fishing boats and boats that the tourists are driving. This pollution then has a negative impact on the ecosystem of the bay including fish, crabs, oysters, plants, and other animals and plants. However, the animals and plants are what increase the fishing boats and tourists. The ecosystem is also affected by the introduction of new animal and plant species which can have a negative effect on the existing ecosystem. The temperature of the environment also affects the ecosystem because if it rises or falls beyond a certain point it can be a detriment to the ecosystem.

3. On a separate piece of paper, diagram (either free-hand or with a software program) the variables you described above demonstrating the relationships and interactions that influence the watershed. Whether you choose to draw your diagram free-hand or with the aid of a software program, a hardcopy of this diagram should be turned in to your instructor by Friday September 1, 2010.

2 responses to “Assignment One-The Bay Game

  1. I like the approach you took for describing the watershed elements and systems. You focused mostly in the environmental factors that are affected, even though it would be interesting to see a bigger version of this graph relating these environmental factors to other aspects of ecosystems, such as economic and social ones.

  2. Oh and I like how you mentioned oysters in your graph! 🙂

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