GSW Headquarters Sunlight and Ventilation

The GSW Headquarters in Berlin by Sauerbruch Hutton is designed with a low energy concept and uses systems of ventilation, heating, and lighting in order to reduce the energy consumption.

The solar shading system and the solar flue were designed with the use of the computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analyses which allowed for the room temperatures throughout the year to be observed. The west façade of the building consists of three layers that create the solar flue. The colored panels on this side of the building can be opened and closed by the occupants in order to let in or shut out light; however, they can also be controlled by management in order to prevent overheating. The east façade of the building consists of two layers, creating a buffer, and is ventilated on each floor.

There is also natural ventilation throughout the building as air can freely flow through the solar flue which displays the stack effect. The stack effect means that when the air outside is warmer then the air inside the warmer air will float out the top of the solar flue being replaced by cooler air at the bottom. The same happens when the air inside is cooler except the air inside is replaces with cool air. Also when the windows on each side of building are open air can flow from east to west without being obstructed by the walls, as ventilation panels allow for cross ventilation.

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