Bike Share

Final Bike Share Drawings

For the bike share Jess and I designed a space that is separated into three different zones, one for waiting for the bus, one for gathering, and another where the bikes can be parked. The gathering space and the bike spaces are both very open and allow for people to easily enter off the sidewalk. The gathering spaces, however, is blocked off from the sidewalk by a wall and inside there are places to sit and a table. These three spaces are covered by a single canvas roof that curves depending on which zone it is covering.

The space is heated through the use of a solar hot water heater. The evacuated tubes that absorb the heat are placed in the wall that separate the gathering space from the sidewalk. During the winter the sun can easily hit these tubes but during the summer the canvas roof acts as a barrier and prevents the sun from hitting the tubes for most of the day. More tubes are then run through the floor of the gathering space, the floor of the waiting space, and the wall next to the waiting space which is what keeps the space warm.

Site Plan

Plan with zones

Section of Zone A

Section of Zone B

Section of Zone C

Solar Hot Water Heater Plan Diagram

Solar Hot Water Heater Section Diagrams

Solar Hot Water Heater

Solar Hot Water Heater Evacuated Tubes

Initial Work

Initial Sketchs

Revised Solar Chart

One response to “Bike Share

  1. Benjamin Hartigan

    Great site choice.
    Some suggestions:
    -use the orthographic chart from collab (its a bit more accurate)
    -try to include the tree tops right in front. They’re really important in the summer.
    -Check your bearing angle on the chart with the location on the joiner. The ampitheater is more like 90 degrees (directly east of your location) rather than 180 degrees (which would be directly south). Changing where the joiner stops and starts would fix this.

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