Breathing System

Breathing can be viewed as a very simple system. The stock of this system is the amount of air that is in your lungs at any given time, the inflow is the air that you breath in, and the outflow is the carbon dioxide that you breath out. However, there normally are other factors in this system such as when you breath in polluted air. The body is forced to deal with these pollutants by either absorbing them into your body or releasing them with the carbon dioxide as you exhale.

2 responses to “Breathing System

  1. In our textbook, as Meadows talks about stocks and flows, she also talks about feedback loops and how some feedback loops are balancing and others are runaway. As I was doing my diagram on the system of breathing, I was looking at it as a balancing feedback loop. However, since you introduce the idea of pollution entering the body and how our body as a system is forced to deal with it, would the continuing breathing of pollution be considered a runaway feedback loop?

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