Discussion Solar Exercise

moscow sun

cville sun

During discussion we mapped the sun in Moscow and in Charlottesville. First we found that the latitude of Moscow is 55 degrees north and the longitude is 37 degrees east. We then found that the equinox is 35 degrees by subtracting 55 from 90. Then to find the solstices we first added 23.5 degrees to 35 and then subtracted 23.5 degrees which means the solstices are at 57.5 degrees and 11.5 degrees.

After mapping the path of sun we found that at 4:00PM on July 5th (my birthday) the altitude of the sun in Moscow will be 32 degrees and the azimuth will be 265 degrees. Then on January 17 (Samantha’s birthday) the altitude will be zero degrees and the azimuth will be 230 degrees.

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